Free shipping for selected customers

Our Store Ops system is setup to always charge shipping on all orders for all 
customers (the "Automatic shipping" option in Store Ops configuration is 
checked).  For 99% of our customers, this is correct. However, there are a 
select group of employees who work in our warehouse. They do not need the 
garments shipped to them, so they should not automatically be charged 
shipping. There are also some high-end customers who we normally provide free 
shipping as a courtesy. 

Our system is also setup to received orders from a website (using a custom 
web interface). It can feed the customer number and the order line items to 
the order, but it is not smart enough to remove the automatic shipping 
charges for specific orders.

I don't want to put the burden of remembering who gets charged for shipping 
and who doesn't get charged on the cashier or on the customer, especially 
when we open up additional stores. 

I want this to be something that is setup when the customer is added to the 
system. Is there any way, though the Customer maintenance window in Store Ops 
or Headquarters, to designate a customer as exempt from shipping charges?

There is already a flag to indicate if a customer is exempt from taxes; I 
was hoping there was a similar flag for indicating if a customer was exempt 
from shipping charges. The Shipping Carrier and Shipping Service fields are 
initiallly set to <none>, but once the record syncronizes with Headquarters, 
they fill in with our default shipping carrier and shipping service. There 
doesn't seem to be any way to edit the Shipping Carrier or Shipping Service 
for a customer. 

Bill Yater
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BillYater (133)
11/7/2005 3:26:16 PM
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