Custom Labels #2

I'm trying to make a custom label.  I'm trying to make the barcode
show information from SubDescription1 instead of itemlookupcode.  That
works great except there is no * for the start and end codes.  Is
there a way to add custom text and concatenate it to the value?
Something like "*" . "SubDescription1" . "*" or "*" &&
"SubDescription1".  (I tried both of those and neither work.)  I know
I can import into a bunch of other programs and build the labels
myself but I'd much rather keep it all in the program.


Begin FIELD Object0
Value = "SubDescription1"
CurrencyCode = ""
Left = -50
Top = 100
Width = 3600
Height = 300
Align = CENTER
FontName = "Arial"
FontSize = 8
FontBold = -1
FontUnderline = 0
FontItalic = 0
FontStrikethru = 0
FontTransparent = 0
FontColor = 0
End Object0
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2/9/2008 1:13:19 AM
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