Connection Schedule #2

We have all of our store computers setup on connection schedules. One of them 
is not connecting automatically and we have request a data upload to get the 
information off the server. Does anyone know why it would not be connecting 
and how we can fix the problem?
WallOfFame (24)
2/18/2008 9:25:00 PM
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There are a lot of reasons that would cause a store connection to fail - Here 
is where I would start:

1) Is the connection schedule defined in HQ Mgr?: HQ Mgr> Admin> Stores> 
Locate/Highlight store> Properties> Connection Schedule - is schedule 
according to your connection map?
2) Make sure stores connections are staggered (not one store connects at the 
exact same time, even if on different ports)
3) Is HQ Client installed? If you have recently reinstalled RMS, make sure 
you have reinstalled HQ Client
4) HQ Client HQ Server info is incorrect (try test Network Connection) from 
HQ Client> File > Config> HQ Server> verify connection port and IP are 
accurate> Test Network Connection
5) At the same time, make sure the port you run this store on is up and 
active on your RMS Server
6) Does the store have any errored WS 401's? From HQ Mgr> View> WS Status> 
if you display by WS, click 401> Check for any errors
7) Acknowledge any WS401 errors by: HQ Mgr> Admin> Worksheet> Enter errored 
WS#> Properties> Acknowledge
8) Check Log Files for errors against store: HQ Mgr> View> Event Log> Select 
Store> Scroll through looking for error codes or things that look off> Note> 
9) Recreate and issue WS401's Issue a 401 against store> Call> Request store 
process (HQ Client> Server> Connect)> watch connection come through on HQ Mgr 
Event Viewer - looking for errors.

When was the last successful connection you had with this store? What 
version of RMS are you running? Did you see any errors in the event viewer, 
if so, what?

"WallOfFame" wrote:

> We have all of our store computers setup on connection schedules. One of them 
> is not connecting automatically and we have request a data upload to get the 
> information off the server. Does anyone know why it would not be connecting 
> and how we can fix the problem?
2/18/2008 9:52:01 PM

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