Wrong unread count in inbox (1 is list but no there is no messages)

I'm trying to figure out why a user has this problem.  The 
unread inbox count shows 1, even if there are no unread 
messages in the Inbox.

Any ideas?
Thanks in advance!
4/2/2004 3:05:16 PM
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Check your view (View, Current View, Customize Current View) and make sure
there are no filters set.

Patricia Cardoza
Outlook MVP

Author, Special Edition Using Microsoft Outlook 2003
Author, Absolute Beginner's Guide to OneNote 2003

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"mr_gustav" <randy.riauka@saultc.on.ca> wrote in message
> I'm trying to figure out why a user has this problem.  The
> unread inbox count shows 1, even if there are no unread
> messages in the Inbox.
> Any ideas?
> Thanks in advance!

patriciac (522)
4/2/2004 4:43:29 PM
Thanks Patricia,

Your instructions lead me to find that her view was set to 
7 days.

ok now, thanks. :-)

>-----Original Message-----
>Check your view (View, Current View, Customize Current 
View) and make sure
>there are no filters set.
>Patricia Cardoza
>Outlook MVP
>Author, Special Edition Using Microsoft Outlook 2003
>Author, Absolute Beginner's Guide to OneNote 2003
>***Please post all replies to the newsgroups***
>"mr_gustav" <randy.riauka@saultc.on.ca> wrote in message
>> I'm trying to figure out why a user has this problem.  
>> unread inbox count shows 1, even if there are no unread
>> messages in the Inbox.
>> Any ideas?
>> Thanks in advance!
4/2/2004 7:57:59 PM

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