Wrong time on incoming mail messages

Hi. I'm working in Outlook Express 6, and even though the 
clock on my computer is correct, the times listed for 
received messages is wrong. Any idea how to change this? 
anonymous (74722)
12/17/2003 3:15:52 AM
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By How Much are they wrong!
Do they have the correct date?
Pat Garard

Anne & Pat Garard.

12/17/2003 5:10:40 AM
Yes, the date is right, but they're off by about an hour. 
What I can't figure out is that I thought it went by my 
computer clock, which is right!


>-----Original Message-----
>By How Much are they wrong!
>Do they have the correct date?
>Pat Garard
>Anne & Pat Garard.
anonymous (74722)
12/17/2003 11:27:36 PM

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