warning message #4

We are getting a warning message when we hit new email in 
outlook 2003 this has happened since we loaded adobe 
acrobat pro 6.0 

message is
A program is trying to access your e-mail addresses you 
have stored in oulook. Do you want to allow this?

Any way to get rid of this?

s.sackett (2)
7/1/2004 6:41:19 PM
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You might want to check with Adobe and see if they have any updates to the
Acrobat software that work around the Outlook security prompts.  If you want
to read more about this particular Outlook security feature, look here:


Jocelyn Fiorello
MVP - Outlook

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In news:24bb701c45f9a$fff36500$a401280a@phx.gbl,
Sam wrote:

> We are getting a warning message when we hit new email in
> outlook 2003 this has happened since we loaded adobe
> acrobat pro 6.0
> message is
> A program is trying to access your e-mail addresses you
> have stored in oulook. Do you want to allow this?
> Any way to get rid of this?
> Thanks

7/2/2004 4:32:00 AM

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