Voting Buttons - Capture responses

I have an approval process that I an trying to make faster.  I would like to 
send the necessary files to the required reviewers, and include voting 
buttons for them to 'accept' or 'reject' the data.  I learned how to set up a 
template for this purpose and have successfully seen the vote responses 
recorded in the original e-mail on the "tracking" tab.   I can print this 
e-mail once all have responded and have a paper record of their votes.  
However, there are times when the voters "edit their response before sending" 
and include comments.  Rather than printing the original e-mai with the 
votes, and any e-mails with responses, is there a way to get outlook to 
include their reponse comments when I print the original sent mail?

LynnKMW (2)
10/31/2006 7:45:02 PM
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