unread message on XP login screen

I recently upgraded to Office 2003.  I frequently get 
messages on my Windows XP login screen that state one of 
the users has 1 or more unread messages.  Yet when we 
open Outlook there are none.  There aren't any in the 
unopened folder, there aren't any in the inbox, there 
aren't any in any folders.  I've even checked outlook 
express which we never use.  I have cleared my box and 
yet the message is still there.  The only way to remove 
this message is to use the XP restore feature and restore 
Windows to a previous date (prior to when it first 
started).  Then after a few days it comes back.  My 
computer is a Dell XPS 3.0 and less than a month old.  
Also this has happened on my other Dell, so it is not 
computer-specific.  Anyone know how to remove this 
feature or at least make it read correctly?
anonymous (74722)
3/5/2004 4:11:16 AM
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Bob S <anonymous@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote:

> I recently upgraded to Office 2003.  I frequently get
> messages on my Windows XP login screen that state one of
> the users has 1 or more unread messages.
>Anyone know how to remove this
>feature or at least make it read correctly?

This is really a Windows question.  Outlook does not set that number.  I
don't know about Outlook 2003, but as of November 22, 2003, only Outlook
Express and Windows Messenger set that number.  See
http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=304148 for how to disable it.
Brian Tillman

Tillmabg (988)
3/5/2004 3:36:49 PM

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