Troubleshooting missing items in Search Folders

Hi, all - I've got OL2003 SP2, and in the interest of organizing my boatload 
of client correspondence, I've just started setting up search folders for 
them. I have used Search Folders a lot in the past, but am running into some 

My goal is to find all mail sent to or from me, to or from my clients' 
registered domain names, looking in my inbox or sent items folder only.

I was unable to make a wildcard (to act on if I used a 
custom search folder, no matter what I did - in advanced, using "TO contains" and "FROM contains" didn't do 
there any way to make this look in the message headers?

I've set up a search folder using the built in "to and from specific people" 
and put as I don't want to manually enter all the possible 
users I'd correspond with. I then customized it so it wouldn't search my 
entire mailbox, just Inbox and Sent Items.

This seems to work *somewhat* well....but I'm finding that it isn't catching 

I can see, for example, that in my "CLIENTS Company X" search folder, there 
are several mail items - but some of my replies seem to be missing.

I can select an item from within the aforementioned search folder, see the 
"You replied on blahblahblah" field thingy, and click on it to Find Related 
Items - it will then pull up the related items, which didn't show up at all 
in the search folder to begin with!

I've closed Outlook entirely, in the hopes that it will refresh the search 
folder, no dice.
I've tried just clicking on the search folder after clicking away, to ask it 
to refresh - no dice.

Am I missing something? Wouldn't be the first time. Thanks for any advice 
you gurus can offer.

lanwench (7567)
8/6/2006 4:34:08 PM
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