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January 28, 2008
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HOT NEWS | Today's Headlines

- How to set up IBM Lotus Notes V8 for Microsoft Outlook users
- Integrating IBM Lotus Connections with Microsoft technologies
- IBM Lotusphere 2008 Press kit
- Lotusphere 2008 is here!
- Lotus Notes composite application podcast series
- User experience guidelines for Lotus rich client applications and plug-ins
- Integrating IBM Lotus Sametime with the IBM Lotus Quickr Search REST 
- Migrating J2EE projects to IBM Lotus Expeditor V6.1
- Customizing themes in Lotus Quickr services for IBM WebSphere Portal V8.0
- Introduction to the JavaScript API in IBM Lotus Forms V3

- Using and modifying the IBM Lotus Domino V7 Free Time Web service
- Document Conversion Services in WebSphere Portal: Overview and 
- Designing composite applications: Component design
- The Lead Manager application in IBM Lotus Notes V8: An overview
- Quick start guide to IBM Lotus Domino Server.Load V8
- Designing composite applications: Design patterns
- IBM Reaches Agreement to Acquire Net Integration Technologies Inc.
- IBM Launches Tool to Help Businesses Visualize Social Networks
- Lenovo jumps into consumer market
- Bluetooth helps wounded vet walk
- Disabled satellite falling to Earth
- Video Clip: Wheelchair of the future
- Movie rentals coming to iTunes
- Blue Gene coming to Red Square
- IBM Reports Fourth-Quarter and Full-Year Results
- Open patent portfolio bolsters environmental benefits
- Through a glass smartly
- Grid project lets consumer handle electricity use
- RFID brings product info to fitting rooms
- Mayo Clinic, IBM focus team on medical imaging
- Systems Journal peeks inside IBM�s own transformation
- You've got mail -- somewhere
- Greenhouse gas meter could boost carbon market
- Consumers would give up their green for greener energy
- Tech helps Aloha Air minimize passenger 'de-leis'
- World's fastest chip gets its close-up in R&D journal
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Learn how to set up IBM Lotus Notes V8 so that Microsoft Outlooks users have
a smooth and easy transition to it. Here is an outline of these steps 
that we
discuss in detail: 1. As an IBM Lotus Domino administrator, you create a
Desktop policy in which you set up: * The Window management style to be New
Window, * A policy to have a local replica of the mail file created auto-
matically, * A replication schedule so that the new users receive new 
mail in
their local mail file frequently, 2. Set a special Home page, using one 
of the
following two methods: * Create a custom database application and put Mail,
Calendar, and Contacts each in a frame; then set the Mail File Location to
Local, using the LocALLMailType Desktop Setting document, so that each frame
points to the local replica., * Manually add Mail as the Home page, and add
Calendar and Contacts to the Startup folder., 3. Ensure that Preview on Side
is the default for the Mail Inbox preview.


This article illustrates how IBM Lotus Connections and Microsoft SharePoint
and Live Communications Server can be positioned side by side and 
the ease of integration between IBM Lotus and Microsoft products.

Read the IBM Lotusphere 2008 Press kit for IBM press releases issued at
Lotusphere 2008. Lotusphere is IBM's 15th annual conference for clients and
business partners on the current state and future of collaboration.

LOTUSPHERE 2008 IS HERE! | Lotus developerWorks
Welcome to the developerWorks Lotus page for Lotusphere 2008. This page 
attendees' and presenters' blogs, photos, and podcasts as well as links to
conference resources and news. This year, the event will be held from 
January 20 through Thursday, January 24 at Walt Disney World in Orlando,
Florida. As in years past, we have compiled information from many 
resources to
bring you the most comprehensive page possible. Whether or not you attend
Lotusphere 2008, we hope you find the information on this page interesting
and valuable.

In this three-part podcast series on composite applications, you hear about
the application development capabilities of Lotus Notes/Domino 8, about 
how to
integrate your Eclipse-based or Lotus Expeditor-based applications with 
Notes/Domino 8 applications, and about how to create composite 
applications in
Lotus Notes/Domino 8.

PLUG-INS | Lotus developerWorks
This white paper describes user-interface design and interaction guidelines
for designers and developers building Lotus Notes applications, Lotus 
plug-ins, Lotus Symphony plug-ins, Lotus Expeditor plug-ins, or composite

SERVICE | Lotus developerWorks
Use a Lotus Sametime plug-in to search for content on a Lotus Quickr server,
and then share what you find through Lotus Sametime Connect or through Lotus
Notes email.

Migrate your J2EE projects to Lotus Expeditor V6.1 using Lotus Expeditor
Toolkit, and then deploy the migrated project on the Lotus Expeditor 

V8.0 | Lotus developerWorks
Learn about the default theme used in IBM Lotus Quickr services for IBM
WebSphere Portal and discover how to customize it.

In IBM Lotus Forms V3.0, a new JavaScript API lets you can manipulate and
control the behavior of embedded Lotus Forms with simple HTML and JavaScript
in a browser. A new event listener mechanism lets you write custom features
to handle the forms and allows easier integration with other systems.	
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Using and modifying the IBM Lotus Domino V7 Free Time Web service | 
Lotus developerWorks

Learn how IBM Lotus Notes users and developers can benefit from the new IBM
Lotus Domino V7 Free Time Web service. Enable your Lotus Domino server to
perform cross-server lookups of calendar availability and to create an agent
to retrieve free-time information programmatically from a remote Domino 

Document Conversion Services in IBM WebSphere Portal: Overview and 
troubleshooting | Lotus developerWorks

This article focuses on services for document conversion and provides
configuration and troubleshooting tips. It discusses the architecture of
Document Conversion Service in IBM WebSphere Portal, the types of 
supported, remote conversion, and standalone conversion.

Designing composite applications: Component design | Lotus developerWorks

This article charts some basic approaches for designing components for
composite application development that have maximum reuse. You can use many
different strategies to provide the optimum components.

The Lead Manager application in IBM Lotus Notes V8: An overview | Lotus 

Learn how to combine multiple Lotus Notes applications and other 
to produce a unified interface in which users can conduct their business 
effectively and supply innovative business solutions.

Quick start guide to IBM Lotus Domino Server.Load V8 | Lotus developerWorks

Learn about IBM Lotus Domino Server.Load V8. From installation to
configuration to running workloads, this article shows you how to quickly
get started.

Designing composite applications: Design patterns | Lotus developerWorks

Learn how to recognize and optimize the design patterns that occur when you
develop composite applications.

IBM Reaches Agreement to Acquire Net Integration Technologies Inc. | Lotus

IBM today announced it has reached an agreement to acquire Net Integration
Technologies Inc., a Toronto, Canada-based, privately held company that 
a complete business server software solution for small businesses. Financial
details were not disclosed.

IBM Launches Tool to Help Businesses Visualize Social Networks | Lotus

IBM today announced the availability of IBM Atlas for Lotus Connections, a
corporate social networking visualization and analysis tool. IBM Atlas for
Lotus Connections is designed to help organizations maximize their 
in social software by answering questions such as who the key experts are on
a given topic, how they are connected, and whom a user's contacts know that
they do not.

Lenovo jumps into consumer market | CNN Tech

Computer maker Lenovo has announced a whole new brand of consumer-oriented
laptops and desktops. Called IdeaPad and IdeaCentre, the lines are intended
to complement the company's flagship business-oriented ThinkPad and
ThinkCentre lines.

Bluetooth helps wounded vet walk | CNN Tech

Marine Lance Cpl. Joshua Bleill lost both his legs when a bomb exploded 
his Humvee while on patrol in Iraq on October 15, 2006. Now, he's 
starting to
walk again with the help of prosthetic legs outfitted with Bluetooth
technology more commonly associated with hands-free cell phones.

Disabled satellite falling to Earth | CNN Tech

A large U.S. spy satellite has lost power and propulsion and could hit the
Earth in late February or March, government officials said Saturday. The
satellite, which no longer can be controlled, could contain hazardous
materials, and it is unknown where on the planet it might come down,
they said.

Video Clip: Wheelchair of the future | CNN Tech

A new wheelchair gives users greater independence and more mobility. CNN's
Kiran Chetry takes a look.

Movie rentals coming to iTunes | CNN Tech

Apple will launch a movie rental service through iTunes in January. 
Century Fox has agreed to make its films available for rent. Apple also has
agreed to license its copy-protection platform called FairPlay.

Blue Gene coming to Red Square | IBM

Moscow State University will install a Blue Gene/P supercomputer at the
Department of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics. The new super-
computer, the first installation of a Blue Gene computer in Russia, will
be used for fundamental research in nanotechnology, new materials and
life sciences.

IBM Reports Fourth-Quarter and Full-Year Results | IBM

IBM today announced fourth-quarter 2007 diluted earnings of $2.80 per share
from continuing operations compared with diluted earnings of $2.26 per share
in the fourth quarter of 2006, an increase of 24 percent as reported. 
quarter income from continuing operations was $4.0 billion compared with 
billion in the fourth quarter of 2006, an increase of 14 percent. Total
revenues for the fourth quarter of 2007 of $28.9 billion increased 10 
(4 percent, adjusting for currency) from the fourth quarter of 2006.

Open patent portfolio bolsters environmental benefits | IBM

A coalition of international businesses has opened a portfolio of
environmentally-beneficial patents for anyone to use without charge.

Through a glass smartly | IBM

IBM and Tokyo-based Central Glass Company say they�ll work together to 
fluoromaterials for advanced technologies.

Grid project lets consumer handle electricity use | IBM

IBM played a key role in a government research project that helped consumers
reduce their electric bills while easing stress on the utility grid. The
company was the overall system architect and integrator of a "real-time 
pricing control system" at the heart of the project.

RFID brings product info to fitting rooms | IBM

Men shopping for clothes in Galeria Kaufhof in Essen, Germany, get more than
they expected in the fitting rooms. A special device in each room reads a
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tag and displays such information as
price, fabric and care instructions.

Mayo Clinic, IBM focus team on medical imaging | IBM

Mayo Clinic and IBM have set up a research facility to improve medical 
and ultimately patient care. The Medical Imaging Informatics Innovation 
(MI3C) is an extension of a Mayo-IBM research collaboration that has already
enabled physicians to register medical images up to 50-times faster and to
provide critical diagnoses, such as changes in the size of tumors, in 
instead of hours.

Systems Journal peeks inside IBM�s own transformation | IBM

To succeed in today�s shifting business environment, companies are
transforming themselves, becoming more agile and more efficient. The latest
issue of IBM Systems Journal examines how IT and related issues are helping
IBM accomplish its own transformation.

You've got mail -- somewhere | IBM

New "smart" email search software from IBM can figure out what you are 
to find, even when you aren't so sure yourself. Its semantic search
capabilities allow you to search on concepts and ideas rather than set-in-
stone keywords. Made in IBM's research labs, the software is powered by
advanced algorithms that interpret incomplete queries and find information
such as phone numbers, people, meetings, presentations, documents, and 

Greenhouse gas meter could boost carbon market | IBM

A new greenhouse gas meter can calculate carbon reductions across multiple
industries and devices, reinforcing the carbon market. According to the 
Bank, the lack of standard measurement has inhibited the growth of the 
carbon market that has a potential of $30 billion.

Consumers would give up their green for greener energy | IBM

A new survey from IBM finds that most consumers in developed nations 
would pay
more for eco-friendly energy. The study also found that while consumers want
more choices about the type of energy they buy, many are unaware of the 
of options available.

Tech helps Aloha Air minimize passenger 'de-leis' | IBM

Aloha Airlines will use IBM technology to improve its customer service. With
more options for the Web and airport kiosks, Aloha customers will be able to
select such amenities as in-flight meals, group check-in, purchase of paid
upgrades, and frequent flyer account management. In addition, the system 
allow passenger records to be retrieved by scanning bar codes from itinerary
or passenger loyalty cards.

World's fastest chip gets its close-up in R&D journal | IBM

The world's fastest chip, IBM�s POWER6 microprocessor, is thoroughly 
in the latest issue of the IBM Journal of Research and Development. 
in May of 2007, the chip is a 64-bit dual-core microprocessor with 790 
transistors. The microprocessor can operate at a speed of 4.7 GHz, and it is
currently the fastest microprocessor chip available.
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