To auto-fill using names no longer in address

Is there a way to remove the names for the auto fill 
feature that are no longer in the address book or contact 
list? If they are selected the properties for the entry 
states name is no longer valid Address Book entry.

anonymous (74722)
9/2/2004 10:19:40 PM
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State your Outlook version and what you mean by "autofill." Outlook has two 
different functions this could be: autoresolution or autocompletion.

Russ Valentine
"Ernie C" <> wrote in message 
> Is there a way to remove the names for the auto fill
> feature that are no longer in the address book or contact
> list? If they are selected the properties for the entry
> states name is no longer valid Address Book entry.
> Thanks. 

russval (3097)
9/3/2004 2:52:58 AM

In OL2002/2003 you have an autocomplete function.  That info. is stored in a 
file called the NK2 file.  It is a hidden/system file.  When searching for 
it, make certain that you can view and search for that file type.

Normally, if it is "autocomplete" data, you can highlight one entry and 
press the delete key to remove it.  Or, if you have many entries to remove 
or change, you can download our utility at 
..  It's called Owtlook and will enable you to edit/change/add/export/print 
entries contained in the NK2 file.

Good luck.

"Ernie C" <> wrote in message 
> Is there a way to remove the names for the auto fill
> feature that are no longer in the address book or contact
> list? If they are selected the properties for the entry
> states name is no longer valid Address Book entry.
> Thanks. 

9/3/2004 11:18:04 AM

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