There was an error reading the rules from the server.

I received the following error when opening Outlook 
2000: 'There was an error reading the rules from the 
server. The format of the server rules was not 
recognized'. I have checked there are no rules set in the 
rules wizard. The server is running Exchange 2000. I tried 
outlook.exe /cleanrules but no good. I have searched on 
the Microsoft site and on here, but can't find any 
reference to this error. Has anyone ever come across it 
before? How should I take out any server-side rules from 
Exchange server itself? I haven't done it before.

m_gotanco (2)
1/15/2004 1:17:38 PM
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There are a couple of tools that may help, one is the cleansweep tool that's
available on the BackOffice resource kit and the other is mdbvu32 as per there's a link on this article to
the cleansweep tool
"MEG" <> wrote in message
> I received the following error when opening Outlook
> 2000: 'There was an error reading the rules from the
> server. The format of the server rules was not
> recognized'. I have checked there are no rules set in the
> rules wizard. The server is running Exchange 2000. I tried
> outlook.exe /cleanrules but no good. I have searched on
> the Microsoft site and on here, but can't find any
> reference to this error. Has anyone ever come across it
> before? How should I take out any server-side rules from
> Exchange server itself? I haven't done it before.
> Thanks!

1/16/2004 10:42:37 AM

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