SMB port lockout makes remote *.pst link undeletable

Recently, apparently faced with an unfortunate surplus of 
MS Windows hackers and a population that, on average, had 
no interest in patching their machines, our campus SYSOPs 
decided to shut down all NETBIOS-related ports on all 
routers with off-campus lines, including both ports used 
by SMB (yes, they closed 445 as well).  Of course, this 
makes all previously established SMB mounts non-
functional, and this fact forms the basis for my question.

Many people on campus had SMB mounts on off-campus 
machines which supported links from Outlook to remote 
*.pst files.  Of course, these links are now broken; but, 
MS Outlook apparently provides no way to delete these 
broken links.

While I can locate the base info (an MRUList for .pst plus 
a few other keys) for the Outlook links within the 
registry, I am wary about deleting these keys alone.

If you have already found a viable solution to this 
frustrating situation, please let me know what you have 

  Dr. Jack Courtney
  Dept. of Mathematics
  Michigan State University.
courtney1 (1)
8/4/2003 5:02:20 PM
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