Shortcuts #2

In Outlook 2003, how do you set shortcuts to folders other than
personal folders such as tasks, mail, etc.   I would like to set
shortcuts to my file system.

Does it require exchange server to make such a link (shortcuts)in
2003.  I was able to do this in outlook 2000.

Any help would be appreciated.


molligdj (1)
3/7/2004 6:39:57 PM
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Drag and drop the file or folder you want a shortcut for in the Shortcuts
Navigation and it will create a shortcut itself

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(I changed my reply address; remove all CAPS and _underscores_ from the
address when mailing)
"dan M" <> wrote in message
> In Outlook 2003, how do you set shortcuts to folders other than
> personal folders such as tasks, mail, etc.   I would like to set
> shortcuts to my file system.
> Does it require exchange server to make such a link (shortcuts)in
> 2003.  I was able to do this in outlook 2000.
> Any help would be appreciated.
> thanks,
> dan

3/7/2004 7:24:51 PM

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