Setting up an additional ID

I'm trying to set up an additional Outlook ID on my computer for my
newly-acquired wife (thank you very much) and install FranklinCovey's
PlanPlus into her ID. I've done the ID, but I don't get PlanPlus to show up
on her ID.

Any clues?

any1 (8)
3/6/2004 1:13:02 AM
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Um, talk to Franklin-Covey support?  It is not an Outlook problem.

Milly Staples [MVP - Outlook]

Post all replies to the group to keep the discussion intact.  Due to
the (insert latest virus name here) virus, all mail sent to my personal
account will be deleted without reading.

After searching and finding no answer, Michael S. asked:

| I'm trying to set up an additional Outlook ID on my computer for my
| newly-acquired wife (thank you very much) and install FranklinCovey's
| PlanPlus into her ID. I've done the ID, but I don't get PlanPlus to
| show up on her ID.
| Any clues?

MillyS5166 (1132)
3/6/2004 2:41:52 AM

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