Separate inboxes for separate accounts

How can I separate incoming e-mail from separate e-mail 
accounts into folders so I can tell where incoming mail 
came from? Using Outlook 2000.
anonymous (74722)
4/6/2004 10:58:16 PM
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>How can I separate incoming e-mail from separate e-mail 
>accounts into folders so I can tell where incoming mail 
>came from? Using Outlook 2000.

I'm a novice but I just ask that question and gave me the following advice:

It is done with rules.

1st create your folders (sounds like you've done that.)

Then select Tools / rules & alerts / New Rule...

This brings up a wizard.

Select "move messages from someone to a folder"
[*] Thorugh the specified account
    Then under Step2 select the words "specified" & 
follow the wizard.

anonymous (74722)
4/6/2004 11:37:29 PM
The short and simple version...

1 - Create a new folder for each account.
2 - Create a new rule for each account to automatically move new email into
the correct folder depending on which account it originated from.


"Jim Z" <> wrote in message
> How can I separate incoming e-mail from separate e-mail
> accounts into folders so I can tell where incoming mail
> came from? Using Outlook 2000.

4/6/2004 11:39:07 PM

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