Sent messages are one hour off...why?

Every time I send a message, the shown "sent" time is 
exactly one hour early.  When people reply, their time is 
now one hour off as well.  I've checked the time in the 
lower right corner and it is correct.  Is there a way to 
fix this?  I'm using Win XP and Office PRo 2000.  Thanks, 
anonymous (74722)
6/16/2004 4:19:16 AM
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also check your time zone and the daylight time settings - you can access it 
by double clicking the time in the tray. also very it's correct in outlook - 
tools, options, calendar.

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"rob riedlrj (removethis)" 
<> wrote in message 
> Every time I send a message, the shown "sent" time is
> exactly one hour early.  When people reply, their time is
> now one hour off as well.  I've checked the time in the
> lower right corner and it is correct.  Is there a way to
> fix this?  I'm using Win XP and Office PRo 2000.  Thanks,
> Rob. 

info2937 (567)
6/16/2004 4:59:09 AM

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