Sending Problems

I get the following message (exchange for or any other) when I try to send a message 
from Outlook 2002.  My pop3 and smtp servers are both

550 not local host, not a gateway

It will send messages to addresses with the same domain 
name as mine.

anonymous (74722)
11/4/2003 6:37:12 PM
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>I get the following message (exchange for
> or any other) when I try to send a message
>from Outlook 2002.  My pop3 and smtp servers are both
>550 not local host, not a gateway
>It will send messages to addresses with the same domain
>name as mine.

You can't be connected to Compuserve and expect to send mail from any other
domain than Compuserve.  It's an anti-spam measure.  Likewise, if you are
connected to an ISP other than Compuserve and your sending address is a
Compuserve address, the other ISP won't like it.  You must use a sending
address whose domain matches the domain of the ISP to which you are
Brian Tillman
Smiths Aerospace
3290 Patterson Ave. SE, MS 1B3
Grand Rapids, MI 49512-1991
Brian.Tillman is the name, is the domain.

I don't speak for Smiths, and Smiths doesn't speak for me.

Tillman (1436)
11/5/2003 4:31:10 PM

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