Send from Word

When I hit the send button in Word or Excell I get a pop 
up that say choose profile with Outlook in the drop down. 
That is the only name in the drop down. If I hit OK I get 
the following Message. 
The MAPI Spooler could not be started. Close and then 
restartall mail-enabled applications.MAPI 103 (0000004C7)
If I choose to set up a new profile I get a Microsoft 
Exchange Setup Wizard. As I try to setup a new profile I 
come to the following, 
The following unrecoverable error has occured:
The .DLL file for this service is either damaged or could 
not be found.
 Any ideas?
dougd (1)
12/9/2003 3:45:24 AM
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What version of Office (and/or Outlook) are you using?  Operating system? 

The following knowledge base article sounds like it might address your problem:;en-us;175772&Product=ou

Or, if using Outlook 97, perhaps this has some clues to help you?;en-us;173299&Product=out

anonymous (74722)
12/10/2003 6:26:05 AM

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