Saving News Groups

Can someone tell is there a way to save selected news groups just in case
computer crashes

8/8/2004 10:46:52 PM
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"n." wrote:
> Can someone tell is there a way to save selected news groups just in case
> computer crashes

Outlook is not a newsreader nor a backup application. I'm not sure exactly
what you want to save, but for starters, how about the backup software
bundled with your OS?

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thor1 (5)
8/8/2004 11:20:57 PM
News is stored in OE - see for information on how to 
backup those files.

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"n." <> wrote in message 
> Can someone tell is there a way to save selected news groups just in case
> computer crashes
> Thanks

dianenws (1904)
8/9/2004 1:16:07 AM
n. <> wrote:

> Can someone tell is there a way to save selected news groups just in
> case computer crashes

Newsgroups are not stored on your computer, they're kept on NNTP servers in
various places on the Internet.  If you lose a connection to a particular
newsgroup because of a computer crash, you just have to connect to the NNTP
server again.
Brian Tillman

tillman1952 (16052)
8/9/2004 4:07:11 PM

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