Rule only runs when manually invoked

The first (topmost) rule in my list is: 

Apply this rule after the message arrives
with '** SPAM **' in the subject
 and on this machine only
move it to the Junk E-Mail folder

This rule does not execute as I want when Internet mail 
is downloading. If I manually run it, it works just fine. 
(Our Internet email host has spam tools that insert '** 
SPAM **'into the subject of suspect email.)

However, the last rule of my 5 rules is 

Apply this rule after the message arrives
through the account
 and on this machine only
move it to the myemail folder

This one works perfectly. As mail is downloaded from the 
Internet it is moved to the folder automatically. The 
thing is, all the '** SPAM **' email is also going to 
this folder. I want it to go to Junk Email. What do I 
need to do to get this happen? (Could it be that the 
email is going to Junk but the last rule is pulling it 
back out and moving it to the myemail folder? )

Thanks for any suggestions!

All my rules are client-only.

We do have an Exchange server but my Outlook is set to 
pull down Internet email itself. I have an Exchange 
account and two Internet email accounts. I am also in 
several distribution lists for Exchange and Internet 
anonymous (74722)
7/23/2004 1:37:09 PM
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