REstore #2

I wonder if you can help me, 

A couple of weeks ago I found how to restore the 
configuration to how it was at a previous date (you 
select the date,time, etc.). I need to do this again but 
can't remember or find how I did it!

I hope you can help!

anonymous (74722)
2/17/2004 1:43:01 PM
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You can get access to your system restore by going to 
Then Accessories, then system tools 
to system restore.
Hope this answers your question.
>-----Original Message-----
>I wonder if you can help me, 
>A couple of weeks ago I found how to restore the 
>configuration to how it was at a previous date (you 
>select the date,time, etc.). I need to do this again but 
>can't remember or find how I did it!
>I hope you can help!
anonymous (74722)
2/17/2004 2:01:08 PM
I am running Windows 98 SE ... I don't see the system 

Is it available in 98?

Sure would solve a problem I'm having ;o)



>-----Original Message-----
>You can get access to your system restore by going to 
>Then Accessories, then system tools 
>to system restore.
>Hope this answers your question.
>>-----Original Message-----
>>I wonder if you can help me, 
>>A couple of weeks ago I found how to restore the 
>>configuration to how it was at a previous date (you 
>>select the date,time, etc.). I need to do this again but 
>>can't remember or find how I did it!
>>I hope you can help!
2/17/2004 5:37:54 PM

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