removing email account

Outlook says to click on the account in account settings and then click 
remove, but there's no "remove."
Kim3887 (151)
2/27/2008 4:53:03 PM
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"kim" wrote in message
> Outlook says to click on the account in account settings and then 
> click
> remove, but there's no "remove."

Then you did not navigate to the correct dialog.  Provide EXACTLY how 
you navigate to whatever window it is where you think there should be 
a Remove button.

Different versions of a program exist because there are different 
features or changes in those different versions.  "Outlook" doesn't 
say WHICH version of Outlook that you use.  Version information is 
often critical to understand how to resolve the problem or to 
understand the context of your problem. 

V4521 (722)
2/27/2008 5:02:27 PM

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