Re: limit numbers of connections to one server

hi there :-)

my pop3 server is limited to 10 query per sec. and per ip. i have abou
16 mail-accounts on this server. the last 6 allways error with timeou
or something.

is there a way to limit the number of connections to one server i
outlook 2002 on windows xp pro?

thanks a lo

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5/14/2004 5:02:02 PM
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Set your send/receive settings to consecutive mail checks, rather than 
concurrent.  E.g, set account 1 to check every 3 minutes, account 2 to every 
4 minutes, etc.  You will still get the error on the initial polling.

I would ask your ISP if having this many accounts is within their acceptable 
use policy and, if it is, why it is not supported by the ISP via their 10 
account limit.

Milly Staples [MVP - Outlook]

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After searching and finding no answer, jazzy_d asked:

| hi there :-)
| my pop3 server is limited to 10 query per sec. and per ip. i have
| about 16 mail-accounts on this server. the last 6 allways error with
| timeout or something.
| is there a way to limit the number of connections to one server in
| outlook 2002 on windows xp pro?
| thanks a lot 

MillyS9060 (3207)
5/17/2004 12:01:41 AM

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