Properties for this information service must be defined prior to use #3

I have a user running Outlook 2000 with 3 email profiles.
This user stores email encrypted via PKI in a PST under one of these
profiles.  The certificate is valid and has not expired.
The user had a problem recently where the tech that helped him
uninstalled and reloaded his certs.  After this happened the user was
not able to access his PST.  He gets the error message "Properties for
this information service must be defined prior to use" followed by an
access denied message on the PST

I have verified that the file is not checked as Read Only.
I have verified that the user has full control of the file
I have tried to make a backup of the PST but it won't let me copy the
file anywhere as either the user or administrator.  Although I can not
copy the file I can rename the file and I can move the file
I tried to burn the PST to a CD but get an error message that the file
has been changed or deleted.  Yes Outlook was closed
The user downloaded and ran a tool to strip passwords from PSTs but
that didn't do anything.
I tried running ScanPST but got an error message that the file was Read

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8/26/2006 12:23:20 AM
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