Problems using Outlook 2003 with Word as E-mail Editor

I am posting this question to both Outlook and Word newsgroups as it
involves using both programs--composing e-mail messages in Outlook 2003 with
"use Word as e-mail editor" selected. (Word is also version 2003, as are all
my office products).

When one has that option selected, one can choose to have the "Web Tools"
toolbar in view. This toolbar adds some nice options (in an HTML-formatted
e-mail message) like adding a sound, scrolling marquee text, or a video.
(For instance, following is the URL on the Microsoft Office site about
adding video:


(one surprising thing about adding a video--the file formats can be .avi,
..mpg, or .mov (QuickTime), but not Microsoft's own formats .wmv or .asf.

Nice features added by that toolbar. Of course not for everyday e-mail, but
for a special one, greeting cards, etc.

However, I have found problems with both the scrolling text and video
options, when the e-mail is saved.

If I click on the add scrolling text icon, I put in the text, click Ok, and
see it scroll as it's supposed to. However, when I click "Save" or "Send",
close the message, and re-open it in "Drafts" (if saved) or "Outbox" (if
"Send" was clicked), the text is there, but it's not scrolling any more.
Somehow saving the message wrecked the scrolling code. So the recipient of
the e-mail would never see the text scrolling.

Similarly with adding video. I can click that icon, choose the file, and I
see the video in the body of the e-mail message. When I click on "Save" or
"Send" and look in the corresponding folder as above, I see a placeholder
video icon where the video should be, but no video. The mail recipient would
never see the video.

Is this a bug? If so, is Microsoft aware of it and working on fixing it?

Or--could there be something wrong with my setup, that causes this strange
behavior when the e-mail message is saved? If so, what could I do to
troubleshoot and fix it?

I thank anyone in advance for their help.


(in case anyone is curious, my newsgroup user name MS has nothing to do with
Microsoft. Just my initials.)

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7/6/2004 7:40:48 AM
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