problem Opening jpg's only

Recently, in Outlook 2003, I noticed that I can';t open and view jpg's
anymore. Other attachements (mpg, pdf) are fine.
I get the message: 'The system cannot find the file specified'
I can save the file to disk and can view it easily just by clicking on it.
It happens whether McAfee antivirus is enabled or disabled.

I don't think it is level 1 attachments which are being blocked as in
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - 829982.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

8/31/2004 9:09:31 PM
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I am having the same issue.  Any suggestions would be 


>-----Original Message-----
>Recently, in Outlook 2003, I noticed that I can';t open 
and view jpg's
>anymore. Other attachements (mpg, pdf) are fine.
>I get the message: 'The system cannot find the file 
>I can save the file to disk and can view it easily just 
by clicking on it.
>It happens whether McAfee antivirus is enabled or 
>I don't think it is level 1 attachments which are being 
blocked as in
>Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - 829982.
>Any ideas would be appreciated.
9/22/2004 4:07:54 PM

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