Problem OL 2002 Email

I am having a problem with OL 2002 email settings.  I 
have two computers which I am setting up.  One computer 
works perfectly.  The second computer I have configured 
exactly the same...incoming/outgoing servers and ports, 
etc... are all setup the same.  On the second computer 
when I press test email settings, everything tests fine.  
But when I try to do a Send/Receive, I run into problems.

First, the POP3 tries to connect to the POP3 server twice 
at the same time.  (I am able to see this on my POP3 
server console.)  Second, the SMTP sending mail never 
connects to my SMTP server.  (Again I am able to verify 
this on my SMTP server's console.)  

The user of the second computer which is having this 
problem had originally tried to setup email accounts on 
his computer and was unable to set them up correctly.  I 
had those email accounts removed before setting up new 
ones to be the same as the first computer.  I am thinking 
that there may be some residual settings or something of 
the users original entries still in the setup which is 
messing things up, although they do not appear on the 
email account list.  Does anyone have any suggestions on 
what I can do to resolve this?

anonymous (74722)
2/9/2004 4:58:17 PM
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