Problem - Mixing Exchange Server and POP3 ISP accounts

Ever since I added a Microsoft Exchange Server Account and all it6s 
associated folders and its in-box to my pre-existing Personal Outlook 
2003 POP3 folders, I have had nothing but confusion.

The Exchange Server account from my workplace downloads its 
messages into the in-Box for my private ISP POP3 account and vice 

When I try to configure a rule for my personal POP3 account so that any 
messages addressed to my workplace account are loaded into the 
exchange server in-box on my client PC,  the software tells me I have to 
go on-line to Exchange Server - even to create rules for the ISP POP3 

Did I err in not creating a SEPARATE data file and identity when I added 
my corporate workplace exchange server account to several personal 
and POP3 accounts listed in the same folder list.

Now Exchange Server seems to have taken over my whole Outlook and I 
can;t control where messages are going....

any way out of this mess other than deleting all accounts and data files 
and/or re-installing the software ?  
mbryan (2)
1/15/2004 11:11:05 PM
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Mike BRYAN <> wrote:

> Ever since I added a Microsoft Exchange Server Account and all it6s
> associated folders and its in-box to my pre-existing Personal Outlook
> 2003 POP3 folders, I have had nothing but confusion.
> The Exchange Server account from my workplace downloads its
> messages into the in-Box for my private ISP POP3 account and vice
> versa.

There is only a single delivery location (i.e., one active inbox) for a
profile no matter how many accounts you have.  Both your Exchange connection
and your POP connection will deliver to the same inbox.  That's normal.  If
you want to separate them, you must find something in the messages that
distinguishes the two classes of message and use a rule to move one class to
a folder other than Inbox.  If your Exchange account address differs from
your POP account address, that's a good way.  The rule can test the
recipient address and, if it's your POP address, move the message to a
folder in your Personal Folders file.  Many people take this very approach
and find it works well for them.
Brian Tillman
Smiths Aerospace
3290 Patterson Ave. SE, MS 1B3
Grand Rapids, MI 49512-1991
Brian.Tillman is the name, is the domain.

I don't speak for Smiths, and Smiths doesn't speak for me.

Tillman (1436)
1/16/2004 3:50:13 PM

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