Problem exporting/importing .psf

Hi guys, I searched the community before and couldn't 
find anything regarding this issue. I am trying to export 
an Outlook 2000 mailbox from one user account to another. 
However, when I try and import it, I get the message 
saying that "Personal Folders "Properties for this 
information service must be defined prior to use". I have 
looked up solutions for this and they say to make sure 
its not read only. I tried this and it doesnt work, its 
currently NOT read only. 

Please note: This is a computer where the Outlook folder 
source for the export is on a user account not connected 
to our domain. A domain was set up and this user account 
is still on "XXXXX (This Computer)" on login. I believe 
that it has something to do with the fact that I cannot 
access the local (e.g. "This Computer") files. We don't 
have the administrative password to do anything for the 
local machine. However, we do have the administrative 
password for the domain (but we can't access the local 
user's account). If anyone has any ideas, please help! 
anonymous (74722)
10/17/2003 5:33:01 PM
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Maybe instead of importing or exporting that, you should 
try and find where the mailbox is, *.pst file for that 
account and then after you log into your outlook program 
you go to tools and accounts and add a new account and 
point the personal folders to that pst file you found. 
>-----Original Message-----
>Hi guys, I searched the community before and couldn't 
>find anything regarding this issue. I am trying to export 
>an Outlook 2000 mailbox from one user account to another. 
>However, when I try and import it, I get the message 
>saying that "Personal Folders "Properties for this 
>information service must be defined prior to use". I have 
>looked up solutions for this and they say to make sure 
>its not read only. I tried this and it doesnt work, its 
>currently NOT read only. 
>Please note: This is a computer where the Outlook folder 
>source for the export is on a user account not connected 
>to our domain. A domain was set up and this user account 
>is still on "XXXXX (This Computer)" on login. I believe 
>that it has something to do with the fact that I cannot 
>access the local (e.g. "This Computer") files. We don't 
>have the administrative password to do anything for the 
>local machine. However, we do have the administrative 
>password for the domain (but we can't access the local 
>user's account). If anyone has any ideas, please help! 
>            MK99
anonymous (74722)
11/1/2003 4:42:21 PM

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