POP3 server connect errors


WinXP Pro, Outlook 2k SP3 POP3 server connect failures.
a) can send/receive emails under 100kb
b) setup Outlook logging, and see server connect failures 
in logs for all email accounts across 3 domains.

Things tried
1) All usual settings checked over, been running smoothly 
for months - ZoneAlarm, McAfee v8.  Same results whether 
these disabled or enabled [did shut them down to test].
2) Removed/Re-added Outlook email accounts.  All settings 
standard POP3 110.  Also tried increasing time-out.
3) Uninstalled/Re-installed Outlook
4) Moved outlook.pst and let Outlook recreate fresh pst.
5) Same issues whether dialup ISP or home cable modem
6) Contacted all domain hosts and dialup ISP support 
desk.  Sent Outlook logs to domain hosts.
7) Can telnet to POP3 servers - no issue.
8) IE v6 and all webmail runs smoothly.
9) WinXP Pro, ZoneAlarm, McAfee's, Office2k - all MS 
updates applied and current.
10) And yes, virus checked twice.

In testing, only small 100kb emails getting thru.  Empty 
email accounts also erroring out.  

POP3 Log has text such as...
POP3: 13:28:53 [db] err: WSAGETSELECTEVENT = 0x10, 
POP3: 13:28:53 [db] ERROR: "The connection to the server 
has failed.", hr=2148322318

Tested on another Windows2000 PC.  Outlook 2000 works 
fine there.  i.e. can pull down a larger (1.5mb) email on 
a problem email account.

Back to problem PC:  WinXP Outlook tries to send error 
log to MS regarding an abort in shlwapi.dll  [have 
allowed to send once]

How did I get here?  I think while I was trying to defrag 
(done many times before) I let my notebook lose battery 
power.  Is MS defrag not robust enough to handle mid 
process shutdown?

I am beginning to think I have corrupted my WinXP dll's
1) Any thoughts?

2) What is best way to fix corrrupt dll's without 
formatting and reloading [I have alot on my PC].  

3) Will a reload of WinXP Pro (full version) replace the 
system dll's???  I see various website suggestions for 
replacing shell32 and shlwapi - using batch DOS commands 
and Recovery Console.  Don't want to make myself a bigger 

Appreciate any and all help.

anonymous (74722)
5/22/2004 8:12:43 PM
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