Palm V transfer of data

Got a new ppc Dell Axim x51v.  Palm V only syncs to palm desktop 
software....this is my understanding.  Any way to transfer all my data to 
outlook or to get it to the new ppc.
thanx bll
blea (2)
12/25/2005 1:33:02 AM
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"b lea" <> wrote in message
> Got a new ppc Dell Axim x51v.  Palm V only syncs to palm desktop
> software....this is my understanding.  Any way to transfer all my data to
> outlook or to get it to the new ppc.
> -- 
> thanx bll

There is software but not having a Palm I can't tell you what it is or if it 
costs money. Ask in a Palm newsgroup, they will know. I do recall a similar 
post in the ppc newsgroups, but its not really the best place to ask about a 
different OS. Remember you have the option of checking newsgroup archives 
and there's always web searches- I bet that would bring some results. 

alan8232 (157)
12/25/2005 4:08:26 PM

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