Outlook Rules Problem #2

Hi there,

I am using Win XP Pro with Office 2000 Pro, all updates applied.  During the
last few weeks I've had problems with e-mails being automatically put into
my Deleted Items folder, from one specific address for which there is
nothing in the Block Senders list and no Rule either.  I have had to disable
the "automatically empty deleted items folder upon exit" in order to prevent
these e-mails from disappearing into oblivion.  Every day they keep going in

I often use OE6 to create HTML e-mails and I bcc these in order to capture
them in Outlook to eventually go into my PST folder.  Therefore, OE6 has
"keep a copy of messages on server" applied, but Outlook 2000 does not use
this and therefore pulls in everything from the server.  The OE6 Blocked
Senders List keeps putting this account's e-mails into the Deleted Items bin
and I keep removing the setting.  I did not add this account to my Blocked
Senders List so I do not know why this keeps recurring.

Is OE6 somehow confusing O2K?  I am at a loss as to what to try to any ideas
would be most welcome for this puzzling problem.

Thanks so much!


manxcat (21)
12/30/2003 9:17:47 AM
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