Outlook '03/IE 6.0 Hyperlinks do not work - Normal Fix Does Not Wo

** Please note that I did post this same question 2 days ago in the General 
Questions Board and have not received a reply - thought I may try, here, to 
see if anyone has any input.  Thank you. **

Hello - 

I have Outlook 2003 (SP 1) and Internet Explorer 6.0 (SP 2).  I have updates 
automatically, but, have also gone in to check for any updates and I do not 
need any.

When I click a link in "O.L."  (Outlook), the screen goes white, the title 
bar is still at the top of my page - however, I now see the title of the 
email PLUS Not Responding.  I have to do the 3-finger to get out of it.  

Very INfrequently, the link does work.  However, on those occasions, I am 
then unable to get back over to O.L.

I have tried the 'Restore Defaults' fix which I have seen here with no luck. 
 I also did a restore back to the beginning of December - prior to this 
problem occurring.  

The only programs that I have downloaded are:  Google Earth, and, Adobe 
Photoshop Elements 4.0 (but that was well after this problem had begun).

I hope that I have provided you with the information that you need.  My 
classes start in 2 days and I really need this to function properly. 

Thank you all for your time.

GwenC (8)
1/9/2006 2:40:02 AM
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Gwen C, you  wrote on Sun, 8 Jan 2006 18:40:02 -0800: 

> I have Outlook 2003 (SP 1) 

Why not SP3?

Best Regards
Christian Goeller
crg5119 (250)
1/9/2006 10:47:29 AM

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