OL 2003 will not send some messages (replies-to)


I'm running OL 2003 SP2 on a laptop running XP.  I'll reply to someone and 
hit the send button, but the message will appear in the outbox, highlighted, 
not italicized, and simply won't send.  Occasionally this would happen with 
my old machine running W2k and and older version of OL, but I could reopen 
the message within the outbox and hit the send button, and the  message 
would then appear italicized and ready to send.  When I reopen the message 
in OL 2003 in the outbox, the send button does not appear.

Some messages send fine.  I think, not sure, that the problem is with 
replies-to, and not newly composed notes.

I have to retype the message with a different subject line in order to get 
OL to send it...this doesn't work for groups where the subject line keys the 
viewer to the proper thread, not to mention it's a major pain.

What's going on?  Any direction would be most appreciated.  Also running 
Symantec's Norton anti-virus software and firewall software.


rumbabum (1)
12/1/2005 2:36:33 AM
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Greta Grip <rumbabum@luckynospamlounge.com> wrote:

> I'm running OL 2003 SP2 on a laptop running XP.  I'll reply to
> someone and hit the send button, but the message will appear in the
> outbox, highlighted, not italicized, and simply won't send.
> What's going on?  Any direction would be most appreciated.  Also
> running Symantec's Norton anti-virus software and firewall software.

The first thing to try is to disable NAV's integration with Outlook, if it 
is enabled.  NAV causes more problems with Outlook than almost any other 
Brian Tillman 

tillman1952 (16051)
12/5/2005 4:43:31 PM

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