Office 2003, Outlook (Outlook Today)...

OK, this is driving me nuts.

I note that w' 2003 (and XP (2002)?) the default install sets the 
startup folder to the Inbox.

IIRC, one of the earlier Offices installed Outlook to startup w' that 
"all in one view" - Outlook Today.

So just as a wee test - I thought I'd try that for a while, and indeed I 
found it quite handy to be able to see all pertinent data on the one 

*However* (and I'm wondering if this is the case with others), I *HAVE* 
to use my mouse, whenever I switch to the Inbox, or Calendar, or Tasks 
to get the damn focus onto a 'sujbect' (email, calendar item, a task 

No amount of Tabbing or Esc'g or anything I can do on the keyboard will 
let me get the focus onto say an email. (eg, there I am in Outlook 
Today, I Ctrl-Shift-I to the Inbox (pick another way if you like without 
using the mouse), and try to get focus onto an email so you can <Enter> 
open it.

So I've given up with Outlook Today - it has been rendered, IMO, useless 
by this stealing of focus or something.

Is it just me/my install that is doing this??? - to test, just set your 
default startup location for Outlook to "Outlook Today" (personal 
folders, the "top of the tree") - and restart O and see how you go 
without a mouse.

Infact I'm not sure you need to change the default startup, just go to 
Outlook Today - then get back to where you were without using the mouse.

hard (31)
6/27/2006 12:16:10 PM
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