no getIUMS in dynamic link library MSDART.DLL

Have had a morning of PC problems that I thought were 
resolved on starting Microsoft Outlook I today found this 
error message:

CiceroULWndFrame: Outlook.Exe

getIUMS could not be located in dynamic link library 

I closed the messsage which popped up another 3 times 
then tried to do detect and repair using my XP 
Professional program disc.  I run Outlook 2002.

Your help would be greatly appreciated

anonymous (74722)
6/15/2004 5:22:48 AM
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Fiona Plani <> wrote:

> Have had a morning of PC problems that I thought were
> resolved on starting Microsoft Outlook I today found this
> error message:
> CiceroULWndFrame: Outlook.Exe
> getIUMS could not be located in dynamic link library

Download the latest MDAC update from Microsoft.
Brian Tillman
tillman1952 (16052)
6/15/2004 2:07:15 PM

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