multiple revieve of emails

I recieve multiple copys of emails in outlook. In some 
cases I get 100 copys of the exact same message, in other 
cases it is ok, then others many times Only one message on 
anonymous (74722)
10/6/2004 1:58:46 AM
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Jim <> wrote:

> I recieve multiple copys of emails in outlook. In some
> cases I get 100 copys of the exact same message, in other
> cases it is ok, then others many times Only one message on
> server

Usually caused by 1) Send/receive interval too small or 2) server timeout
value too small or 3) rules that don't contain the "stop processing more
rules" action.
Brian Tillman

tillman1952 (16051)
10/6/2004 2:28:13 PM
What version of Outlook do you have?  Have you installed the latest service
packs for it?

Jeff Stephenson
Outlook Development
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"Jim" <> wrote in message
> I recieve multiple copys of emails in outlook. In some
> cases I get 100 copys of the exact same message, in other
> cases it is ok, then others many times Only one message on
> server

stephenson (1246)
10/7/2004 10:56:00 PM

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