merging two accounts

This seems like something that should be easy, but it's 
totally stumped me.  I use my laptop at home and at 
work.  At work, I log onto a domain, so that I actually 
have two accounts on my laptop: "username" 
and "username.domain".  So far so good.  My problem is 
that I use the same email accounts both at work and at 
home.  To avoid having two independent Outlooks on my 
computer that check the same email accounts, I moved the 
data file (.pst) locations of both accounts to one 
place.  This worked fine, and when I opened Outlook from 
both accounts, it shows the same folders and messages.  
My problem arose when I checked for new messages.  An 
email that was received under one user account is not 
recognized as having been received already, so I always 
get duplicate emails.  I can't seem to find a solution to 
this problem.  Any help would be appreciated.
jkp1 (1)
8/12/2003 6:32:28 AM
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