merged inbox folder from computer to lapton, now inbox messages are missing

i was trying to set microsoft outlook on my laptop.  in 
the process, somehow, my main (stationary) computer's 
outlook inbox messages were automatically moved from that 
inbox to my laptops inbox.  when i changed the 
configuration from internet (dial up) access to exchange 
(workgroup) the messages in both computer's inbox file 

i'm looking for help on how to recover those messages from 
by inbox???

7/21/2004 7:31:25 PM
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[PageSpeed] 25 <> wrote:

> i was trying to set microsoft outlook on my laptop.  in
> the process, somehow, my main (stationary) computer's
> outlook inbox messages were automatically moved from that
> inbox to my laptops inbox.  when i changed the
> configuration from internet (dial up) access to exchange
> (workgroup) the messages in both computer's inbox file
> disapeared.
> i'm looking for help on how to recover those messages from
> by inbox???

Sounds to me like you were using a PST (Personal Folders file) as your
default delivery location but created a new profile with Exchange as your
default delivery location and didn't include the PST in the profile.

Open Control Panel's Mail applet and examine the properties of your mail
profile.  Also, search your hard drive for all files whith type ".pst",
making sure you enable hidden files and folders.  Reply here with the list
of services you have defined in the profile, the locations of any PSTs, and
the version of Outlook you're using.  Someone should be able to help you
Brian Tillman

tillman1952 (16052)
7/22/2004 2:34:15 PM

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