Lost email messages that were moved

I created a new Personal Folder (PST) and move emails 
from my old inbasket into it.  When I click on the new 
PST, my emails are not there and they're gone from my old 
inbox.  Where did they go???

asyeles (1)
12/4/2003 6:17:32 PM
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"Albert Syeles" wrote
in news:d0ca01c3ba92$e2c99880$a601280a@phx.gbl:
> I created a new Personal Folder (PST) and move emails
> from my old inbasket into it.  When I click on the new
> PST, my emails are not there and they're gone from my old
> inbox.  Where did they go???

Check what view you are using.

Check that you didn't accidentally drag them into the root node (Outlook
Today).  You'll need to right click to change properties to NOT use an
HTML page for Outlook Today so you can see what, if any, items are under
that node in the tree.

Do a search on an e-mail that you remember its subject or contents (on a
string that is relatively unique) to see if you dragged it into some
other folder.  And do the search on both your old and archive
information stores (i.e., .pst files).

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no-email5651 (165)
12/4/2003 6:35:58 PM

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