Listing Last Name First in Select Names

How do I set Outlook 2002 so that when the "Select Names" 
box comes up the email addresses are listed last name 
first? My Contacts folder is listed that way but names 
come up first name first in "Select Names".

bioflyer7 (2)
2/16/2004 2:44:26 AM
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Tools->email accounts->Directories->View or Change.  Set the display order
from there.

Milly Staples [MVP - Outlook]

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After searching and finding no answer,

| How do I set Outlook 2002 so that when the "Select Names"
| box comes up the email addresses are listed last name
| first? My Contacts folder is listed that way but names
| come up first name first in "Select Names".
| Thanks.

MillyS5166 (1132)
2/16/2004 2:55:38 AM

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