link sent to user does not work

An e-mail with a link to a file on our file server does 
not work.  The sender (a domain admin) pasted the address 
into the e-mail (ex. <\\server\share\file>) but the 
recipient was not able to click on it.  The recipient is a 
domain admin with full rights to the folder where the file 
is stored.  I had the sender resend the email to me and I 
was able to click on the link and open the file.  Any help 
would be appreciated.
mdoherty1 (2)
7/18/2003 3:21:16 PM
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Let me preface that I have just joined this group, and am not near as
knowledgable about this stuff as others, but like taking stabs.

Is the recipient opening his mail in a plan text format? I believe you need
html, or at least rich text to get the links. Plan text would not house the

Let me know if I am right or wrong, as I am sure someone else will!

Wylie, TX

"mike" <> wrote in message
> An e-mail with a link to a file on our file server does
> not work.  The sender (a domain admin) pasted the address
> into the e-mail (ex. <\\server\share\file>) but the
> recipient was not able to click on it.  The recipient is a
> domain admin with full rights to the folder where the file
> is stored.  I had the sender resend the email to me and I
> was able to click on the link and open the file.  Any help
> would be appreciated.

maury (6)
7/18/2003 4:27:33 PM

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