IMAP: Select Trash Items Disappearing

I am using IMAP on Outlook XP and frequently move 
messages from my Inbox to my Trash folder.  I then purge 
my Inbox but never my Trash folder.  As a safety (since 
discovering my problem), I also put a backup copy of any 
item in Trash in a subfolder called Backup.  So there are 
two copies of each item I wish to trash.

For some reason, when I start Outlook XP at the beginning 
of the day and look at the Trash folder (or just check it 
when I leave Outlook open overnight), some of my messages 
are permanently gone.  I can't seem to find a pattern, 
because it removes sporadic messages (not just the 
oldest, or newest, etc.).  This does not happen to any 
other folder or subfolder (including the Backup folder).

I have all archiving turned off, nothing set to empty 
deleted items on exit, and no settings on the IMAP server 
to perform periodic maintenance (because it's my IMAP 
server).  I have narrowed down the problem to Outlook XP 
since Outlook Express does not have the problem and 
neither does my webmail interface after using them for 
days, while Outlook XP always does it at the beginning of 
the day (from what I can tell).

The troubleshooting logs do not provide any useful 
information from what I can see, although I am not an 
expert at it.

Any help and/or suggestions would be GREATLY 

nospam9166 (76)
7/24/2003 1:03:30 PM
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