How to customise the order of folder in Folder List?


Currently my Outlook's Folder List view is as follow:
+ 2003 PST
+ Mailbox - My_Name   <- this is my mailbox on our Exchange
+ Public Folders
+ Roger PST             <- This is where the Incoming mails will be

How can I make it to be shown as follow?:
+ Roger PST
+ 2003 PST
+ Mailbox - My_Name
+ Public Folders

Thanks for any pointers.


nospam7515 (2084)
1/5/2005 10:54:47 AM
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Hi Sur,

Outlook automatically sorts the folders in alphabetical order, placing numbers before letters.  To get around this you can preface the name of each folder by a number, or place a "." 
(period) in front of folders you want to appear at the top.  In your example, you could place a "1" in front of Rogers.PST to make it display first.

1-Roger PST
2003 PST
Mailbox - My_Name
Public Folders


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>Currently my Outlook's Folder List view is as follow:
>+ 2003 PST
>+ Mailbox - My_Name   <- this is my mailbox on our Exchange
>+ Public Folders
>+ Roger PST             <- This is where the Incoming mails will be
>How can I make it to be shown as follow?:
>+ Roger PST
>+ 2003 PST
>+ Mailbox - My_Name
>+ Public Folders
>Thanks for any pointers.

scatki (156)
1/5/2005 7:47:54 PM

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