How to check inbox content on the server?


I need to find solution (based on Outlook or Outlook 
Express) how to manage inbox content on POP3 server to 
make possible:
- viewing inbox on POP3 server (messages headers, senders, 
sizes of messages etc.);
- select messages to delete from server without getting 
them to PC;
- select messages to get from server and delete or leave 

gridniew (1)
7/19/2003 4:24:55 PM
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My ISP provides a webmail facility so I can log in from 
anywhere using a web browser.  Very handy for deleting 
spam before collecting mail.

>-----Original Message-----
>I need to find solution (based on Outlook or Outlook 
>Express) how to manage inbox content on POP3 server to 
>make possible:
>- viewing inbox on POP3 server (messages headers, 
>sizes of messages etc.);
>- select messages to delete from server without getting 
>them to PC;
>- select messages to get from server and delete or leave 
dsouth (2)
7/19/2003 4:47:54 PM

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