How do you pull up another person's email box?

After my boss gave me sharing permission to his mailbox, how do I pull it up 
from my computer?
Linda (109)
1/2/2008 5:56:01 PM
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 From within your Outlook, select File, then Open, then Other User's 
Folders. You can take it from there I hope.

Linda wrote:
> After my boss gave me sharing permission to his mailbox, how do I pull it up 
> from my computer?
1/2/2008 7:51:15 PM
you can add it to your profile in tools, accounts, select exchange acct, 
Change button. More Settings button then add it on the first tab.

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"Linda" <> wrote in message
> After my boss gave me sharing permission to his mailbox, how do I pull it 
> up
> from my computer? 

outlookmvp (5838)
1/2/2008 8:29:36 PM

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