How do you add or subtract the subject line from the inbox / sent.

If you sign on to outlook and are in your inbox, you get a list of emails 
with name: subject: and date.  How do you add or subtract the subject line?  
I have a friend who does not have the subject line and we can not figure out 
how to add it.

Sagster (1)
12/9/2004 1:03:02 PM
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Click your right mouse button over the grey column headings in the
Inbox where the Subject heading is missing, select Field Chooser from
the menu that appears and a box will appear containing all the mail
fields, scroll down until you see Subject and then click and hold your
left mouse button on the Subject field and drag it to where you want it
in the column headings, release your mouse button when you see a red
arrow appear as you position the field box.  Alternatively you can
click on the View menu, choose Current View, Customise Current View and
then click the Fields button to choose which fields you want.

ajones1 (7)
12/9/2004 1:40:38 PM

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