How do I eliminate duplicate addresses from my address book?

9/7/2006 8:33:02 PM
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Post a clear detailed question in the body of the post, including why you 
think you have duplicates.
From what little you have posted I am guessing that you are mistaken and do 
not even have duplicates in the Outlook address book. Provide the evidence 
that you do, and include your Outlook version.

Russ Valentine
"Little Richard" <> wrote in message
> -- 
> DickW 

russval1 (2100)
9/7/2006 8:38:46 PM

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Since I changed to Outlook 2003 I receive all emails in duplicate
I have been using Outlook Express until recently when I purchased Outlook 2003. Since then, I receive all my email messages in duplicate and sometimes in triplicate. It drives me absolutely crazy! What is going on? Can someone help me there. Thanks Waht is your setup? How many POP3 accounts do you have configured? Do you have rules configured as well? -- Robert Sparnaaij [MVP-Outlook] Tips of the month: -What do the Outlook Icons Mean? -Create an Office 2003 CD slipstreamed with Service Pack 1 ----- "Annemarie06" <

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