How do I change the "and" to "or" with multiple Rules (and Alerts)?

In Outlook you can configure rules in the "Rules and Alerts" Wizard by
checking various options such as "from people or distribution list",
"with specified words in the subject", etc. etc.  When you check 2 or
more of these , they are listed with "and" between each rule, but I
need them to be listed with "or", how can I change that?

11/16/2009 12:37:18 PM
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you can't change it. Outlook only does AND between rules. You'll need to 
make separate rules.

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"bschimmel" <> wrote in message
> In Outlook you can configure rules in the "Rules and Alerts" Wizard by
> checking various options such as "from people or distribution list",
> "with specified words in the subject", etc. etc.  When you check 2 or
> more of these , they are listed with "and" between each rule, but I
> need them to be listed with "or", how can I change that?
> -- 
> bschimmel 

11/16/2009 8:33:06 PM

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